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 pandion partners
Pandion Partners takes each of your individual goals as coordinates to plan appropriate strategies and navigate the way for you. Our aim is to generate a successful outcome whether you are considering selling a company, consolidating your market or safeguarding your future after business.

 pandion partners italia
Pandion Partners si occupa soprattutto di transazioni internazionali riguardanti aziende con fatturato compreso tra 20 e 200 milioni di Euro, un segmento di mercato nel quale è sempre più sentita l'esigenza di internazionalizzare l'attività o di riorganizzare l'assetto proprietario dell'impresa.

 partners — pandion partners
I am a managing director of Pandion Partners Italia and a founding member of the Pandion Partners Group from November 2000. After receiving my BS degree in Business Administration from Perugia State University, I covered varying positions in M&A before co-founding Pandion Partners Italia in 1995, always with a focus on cross-border, mid-market deals.

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 latest research - pandion partners italia
Pandion Partners deals primarily with international transactions involving companies with sales turnover between 20 and 200 million Euros, a market segment in which the need to internationalise the business or reorganise the ownership structure of the company is increasingly felt. discover

 insights & news — pandion partners
Vestibule Partners (the exclusive member of Pandion Partners S.L. in Croatia) was the exclusive sell-side adviser to London-based Ivanovic family on the sale of its minority stake in Croatian company CHROMOS BOJE I LAKOVI d.d. to HELIOS Group, member of the Kansai Paint Co., Ltd.. Size of the transaction: Not disclosed Date of announcement: 15 April 2020

 history — pandion partners
Pandion Partners is the finest global M&A strategy advisory focused on international transactions. Building on our global organization of experienced and specialized M&A advisors, we guide our clients towards their winning M&A strategy. Our tailor-made approach will maximize your benefits in the complex and multicultural international M&A process.

 pandion search partners - - headhunter, recruiting, talent ...
Pandion is a different type of talent consulting service. We build relationships and recruit the most talented individuals in the market place. Our ultimate goal is to assemble winning teams for dynamic organizations around the globe. We focus on our clients' most critical opportunities.

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