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 development capital - cristina crupi
Il development capital o expansion capital è l’investimento in capitale di rischio effettuato nelle fasi di sviluppo dell’impresa, realizzato attraverso un aumento di capitale e finalizzato ad espandere geograficamente e/o merceologicamente, un’attività già esistente.

 development capital fund
Development Capital is an Irish development and growth capital fund manager which was founded in 2013 by Andrew Bourg and Sinead Heaney. We provide development and growth capital ranging from €2-12 million to Irish SMEs which have significant growth opportunities, primarily in export markets which require growth funding to unlock or accelerate.

 bgf explains: what is development capital? - bgf
Development capital is a form of business funding which helps established businesses to grow. It is typically provided by an investor in exchange for an equity stake in the business. Development capital can enable mature businesses to scale up, increase their revenues and build up their customer base.

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 growth capital - wikipedia
Growth capital (also called expansion capital and growth equity) is a type of private equity investment, usually a minority interest, in relatively mature companies that are looking for capital to expand or restructure operations, enter new markets or finance a significant acquisition without a change of control of the business. [1]

 venture capital - wikipedia
Venture capital. Il capitale di rischio, detto anche venture capital o venture cap, è l'attività di investimento capitalistico per finanziare l'avvio o la crescita di un'attività in settori ad elevato potenziale di sviluppo, innovazione e attrattiva, anche se l'investimento è rischioso (tale per cui un altro individuo o un'istituzione come ...

 about us - bridgepoint
Connecting ideas and capital with great businesses. Bridgepoint focuses on investing in middle-market businesses via four distinct fund strategies: Middle Market, implemented via Bridgepoint’s flagship buyout fund, which focuses on investing in market-leading businesses typically valued between €250 million and €1 billion;

 development capital – catalysing investments to benefit poor people
Development capital is public investment made in the private sector to achieve development objectives. It is a tool used by DFID to catalyse investment that benefits poor people. Development...

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